M5 Unify Data Management & Analytics



User and data level security access defined by roles.


Direct Access

Direct access to your data without the need for additional servers and software.



Gain insights from your data like never before.



Analytics that drive informed decision making.

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Modern Interface

Persistent, sizable and modern interface with selectable themes and vector graphics.

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Dynamic Connections

Use the same query across multiple similar databases.  Connect to many industry standard datasources.  Supports local and cloud databases.

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Visual Query Designer

Build queries without coding using the interactive query designer.

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Pivot Analysis

Real-time ad-hoc pivot analysis. Save common views by user or share with your enterprise.

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Print, Export, Email

Instantly print, export and/or email.
PDF, RTF, Word, Excel, CSV, Text and Image formats fully supported.

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Dynamic User Menu

End-User menus are built dynamically based on data roles/components they have access to. Secure access to components with User, Data and Functional Role assignments.

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Dashboard Designer

Build your own dashboards using Drag & Drop features.  Using multiple filters, conditional formatting you can create dynamic dashboards that refresh in realtime.

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Report Designer

Design your own reports with the integrated report designer.  Imbedded charts, graphs and tables to produce high quality reports.

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External Reports

Retain your investment by attaching existing Crystal and SQL Server reports.