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Helping customers make better products, improve on-time deliveries and increase customer satisfaction.

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Simple. Smart.

Getting the information you need when you need it should be easy.

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We automate processes from the shipping dock to financial reporting.

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Innovative solutions delivering services and products, which includes tomorrow’s technology – today!

About Us

We help our customers improve operational and transactional efficiencies.

Streamlining business operations will save time, money and improve customer satisfaction levels.  We find that most inefficiencies are due to not having the right information at the right time.  When it takes too long to get your job done right....we can help.

Our services


Business operations, system integration and information consulting.  We help you get the information you need...when you need it.

Application Development

We develop desktop, mobile and industrial scanner applications that help you deliver quality products to your customers.

Data Management / Analytics

Our M5 Unify application will give you control of your enterprise data, reporting and analytics.


Our applications are secure and utilize the latest technology in user authentication.